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Many bettors find so exciting to bet on the Indian Premier League (IPL) at Fun88. The Indian Premier League is one of the most important cricket events ever seen; that’s why IPL betting at Fun88 is gaining popularity in India and other Asian countries.


There are many strategies if you are into IPL betting at Fun88. But before getting deeper into strategies, tricks and tips, let’s discover how cricket has become so popular in India and around over the world.


History of cricket


Before IPL betting at Fun88, let's go back a little in time, to the 18th century. At that time cricket was already England's national sport, consolidated with the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), better known as Lord's, the private London club where the main matches were played. The term Lord's perfectly reflected what cricket was at that time, a sport of British gentlemen by and for British gentlemen.


The MCC was fundamental because it brought together the rules of cricket in the 19th century. Two teams of eleven players on an oval field take turns to bat. The bowling team has all eleven players on the field, while the batting team has only the two batsmen. The main part of the game takes place in the center rectangle, where the batters, at both ends of the rectangle, and the pitcher are located.


If the batter hits the ball, he must exchange positions with his teammate. Each exchange is a run. Meanwhile, the opposing team will have to quickly catch the ball and return it to the pitcher, at which point the turn ends. The pitcher can only throw six times, at which time he will make an over and give way to the next one.


If the batsman sends the ball to the back of the field, he is awarded four runs. If he sends it out of the stadium, six. The opposing team can remove the batsman in up to eleven possible ways. The most common are that the ball reaches the bowler before the batsmen certifies the run, and that the bowler manages to knock down the wicket defended by the batsman. Now, what is the wicket? The wicket is made up of three stumps and two bails that are placed behind the batsman, who must defend the wicket in any way he can.

IPL betting


When a batsman is out, he is replaced by one of the off spinners. When ten of the eleven of the team are out and it is impossible to make a pair, the tables are turned, and the other team starts batting. There can only be a maximum of two such changes, and then the team with the most runs wins. Easy, isn't it?


The problem is that, in the matches of that early cricket, which were called Tests, the number of overs was unlimited, and matches could last up to five days, at which point the umpire would rule a draw.


Pupils beat the master


Despite this drawback, cricket dominated in England just as the British Empire did in the rest of the world. British soldiers practiced it in the colonies and spread their passion for the flat bat to these territories. Australia, New Zealand, India, the Caribbean islands?


All the areas controlled by England turned to cricket, except for Canada. Even the United States once played cricket, although it finally replaced it with baseball decades after its independence as a symbolic act of breaking away.


As the British Empire evolved into the Commonwealth of Nations in the 20th century, cricket became the ideal means to temper tempers and maintain alliances between England and the countries that were gaining their independence.


Their cricket teams would come to London at the invitation of the British nation, ready to show their former metropolis their strength. They were more than just friendly; they had an emotional and revengeful charge. The British Royal Family has always been closely associated with cricket. The British Royal Family has always been closely associated with cricket., substitute image


The game that changed cricket history


That World Cup was the definitive push for cricket to become a mass phenomenon in the Asian country. The same happened 9 years later with Pakistan, who won the tournament after defeating England under the watchful eye of 87,000 people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.


Thus began the great sporting rivalry between India and Pakistan, two countries that have fought four wars in the last 70 years and where cricket has become a matter of state. In fact, the duel between the two countries in the 2015 World Cup was followed by 1 billion people, sneaking right into the list of events with the most viewers in history.


Caribbean, Australia, India, Pakistan? All former British colonies had a strong national team, at least one World Cup, and a competitive national league behind them. Meanwhile, England lagged far behind. In addition, one-day cricket (ODI) was failing to connect with the youth, who were passing the sport that their predecessors had watched with enthusiasm.


While England stagnated, its former colonies were getting better and better. While England stagnated, its former colonies were getting better and better, surrogate image. As England stagnated, its former colonies got better and better.


A gamble was then made to give cricket a new twist, again cutting its length and making it a livelier, more exciting sport. Twenty20, or T20, arrived, a modality where the maximum number of overs would be 20 and the match would not exceed three hours.


It was first tested in 2003 in England and spread to other countries. While it is true that crowds increased, many criticized the attempt to turn cricket into a show instead of the traditional leisurely, thoughtful game. With T20, cricket was no longer cricket.


In 2007, the first World T20 Championship was held, just at the time when it had the worst reputation. Long-time fans considered it a second-rate format without much of a future. In India, where the ODI had the population totally devoted, playing at most only three hours seemed silly. He went to the first edition, forced by the International Cricket Council, and decided to take a young team, without his top ODI stars.


It didn't seem to go badly for them. The youngsters, although more inexperienced, knew how to play this type of match, which was a clear advantage. Finally, to everyone's surprise, as in 1983, they would win the first World Cup of the new competition.


Cricket, a sport on a par with the greatest of sports


If India experienced a boom after winning the 1983 World Cup, the same thing happened in 2007, this time with the T20. A year later, the Indian Premier League was created, a revolutionary format that connected the spectacle on and off the field and allowed television broadcasters to broadcast the entire match without any scheduling problems. Profits soared. In just a few months, India surrendered to a modality it had abhorred just a few months ago.


The country was able to connect its two strong points, cricket and Bollywood, and many well-known actors and actresses were seen in the stadiums. Other countries in the region, such as Bangladesh and Pakistan, also created their own leagues in response to the success of their neighbors, which added interesting innovations, such as an auction of players before the start of the competition. The beginning of a new era.


Today, the global cricketing hub is not England, but India. Its T20 league has revolutionized cricket, bringing its television rights almost on a par with those of soccer. This is how much the world's major sports leagues are earning from television:


The NFL has a nine-year contract (2013-2022) valued at 39.6 billion. On the other hand, the NBA signed a contract in 2016 for which it will receive 24 billion over nine years. The MLB, 10.5 billion for seven years (until 2021). In addition, some regional broadcasters have signed agreements with the clubs in their cities. On the other hand, The Indian Premier League will receive €2.5 billion TV rights from 2018 to 2023.


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