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You can find a great variety of Online Betting games currently. Even tough, one of the favorite Online Betting games is craps-In any case, worldwide, craps is among the top 10 casino games at fun88 india. That is why we want to at least show you the basic rules and the most common strategies to enjoy this game, which by the way is not easy to find in casinos either.


So, if you want to try out the best Online Betting games at fun88 login, craps is a good way to start. So, keep reading and find out all about craps you must know before playing at fun88 login, other casinos or simply when meeting friends and playing together.


Most common bets in craps


Let's look now at the commonly available bets and divide that into multi-point and single point bets. You can have more than one bet in action at the same time; in fact, most craps players have several bets working at once.


Not all possible bets are listed, although house edges for bets such as Lay bets, betting on the 7 coming out before a place number, and "Horn" bets will be cited at the end. It should be noted from now on that if we see a "No" in front of the name of the bet, it means that we are betting on the opposite.

  1. ♦ No Pass Bar Bets: No Pass Bar betting is betting on the opposite of Pass Line betting. There is a special area in the roulette wheel for this kind of bets: a "Don't Pass" bar, which is where we should place our chips before the come-out roll. It is to go against the pass line bet.

  2. ♦ Don't pass bar bets, when playing craps: In a Don't Pass Bar bet, you bet that a 7 will come out before the point roll. You win on the come out roll if it is a 2 or 3, and on any other roll if it is a 7. If the roll is a 12, the Don't Pass Bar bet is tied, neither a win nor a loss. It is lost when the initial roll is a 7 or 11, and on any other roll if the point comes out.

  3. ♦ Come bets: In the "Come" bets, we win if a 7 or 11 comes out. But, if the bets are a 2, 3 or 12, we lose. Therefore, if you bet on Don't Come or Don't Come, you are betting that the 7 will come out before the point comes out. Not playing this way is one of the most frequent errors in craps among beginners. To make a "Come" bet we must put the chips we want in the "Come" box. We win if the next roll is 7 or 11. We lose if the next roll is "Craps (Dice)". That is, 2, 3 or 12). In case a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled, then that number will become the next point, and the "Come" bet will move from the "Come" box to the box corresponding to the dice result.

  4. ♦ No Come bets: As we have already discussed, a Don't Come bet is the opposite of a Come bet. It is placed after the come out in the "Don 't Come Bar" on the Craps table. If a 3 or 2 comes out, the bet is won, but if a 7 or 11 comes out, then it loses. If a 12 is rolled, the bet is returned to the player. In this kind of betting, if a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled, that becomes the Point. Thus, the bet is moved to the bar in the upper left corner. Once the point is established, the bets will go on to win the same (at a 1 to 1 ratio).

  5. ♦ Odds in favor bets: Once we know who is the "point", most casinos and Internet casinos allow you to place a side bet on the pass line. The betting possibilities are various: you can bet the same amount, double or even quintuple the value of the main bet.

  6. ♦ Betting on dice: And obviously, for the correct functioning of the game, we must follow some regulatory guidelines that serve to guarantee that such a choral and complex game can be celebrated with success and agility.


The rules for playing craps


Let's quickly review the basic rules with which a beginner could learn to play immediately at a craps table. Let's remember that in any case, craps is the same game on the internet as in live casinos, but some rules and procedures are a little different. Here are some points that every player should know before playing:



Rule 1: the number of dice


Two six-sided dice are used, and you are betting on the total of the numbers that land face up on both dice. If one die lands on 2 and the other on 4, then the number on that roll is 6. If the numbers are 1 and 1, then the roll is 2. We can never bet on each die separately. There is no bet that a die will show the number 1, for example. All dice bets are the sum of two dice.

Online Betting games


Rule 2: buying credits or chips


In Online Bettings, as in other games, we must first make a deposit. That will make us have money in our cashier and we can enter the craps table and place our bets. In live casinos we can pay cash at the craps table itself, but we will always be given chips, which is the only thing we are allowed to bet on in a live casino game.


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Rule 3: the table staff


In Online Bettings like fun88 bet, all decisions and payments are made automatically, but in live casinos there is a human team. The common complement is four people: the boxman, the stickman and two dealers.


The boxman oversees the table, watching to make sure that the players follow the rules and that the dealers make the proper payouts. When we buy chips with money, we must put that money on the table, then a dealer gives the cash to the boxman, who leaves it face down on the table and then watches as the dealer gives him the chips. funn88


When the transaction is completed, the boxman uses a flat plastic paddle to put the cash into a deposit box, which will then be taken by the guards for transport to the counting room.The stickman holds a long, hooked stick, which he uses to throw dice around the table. When it is your turn to shoot, the stickman pushes the dice to you.


He also handles the proposition bets in the center of the table. Each of the dealers oversees one end of the table, giving you chips when you buy in, moving your bets to the appropriate places at their ends of the table, and making payouts.


Rule 4: the bets


In most Online Bettings like Fun88, on the main screen we will have a graphic that makes it much easier to understand the types of bets we can make. We will simply have to click on the images of the chips to determine how much we want to bet, then again on the screen to place the chips on the bet you want.


If we wish to place the bet with the label "Pass Line", you must click on the pass line area. If you wish to bet on 11, you must click on a box representing 11 with images of one die on 6 and one on 5.


In live casinos like Fun88, you can place your own chips on the pass line and in the areas marked "Come" ("Come") and "Field", but for required bets, the dealer must place his chips. You push the chips in front of you on the layout and tell the dealer, "$6 each on 6 and 8." The dealer then moves your chips to the appropriate box and places them according to your position at the table, so he knows both. what the bet is and who made it.


Rule 5: Betting limits


In Online Bettings like Fun88, you generally must select between a range of minimum and maximum bets in each craps month. That is why this decision is very important as we must always play in the betting range that we can be comfortable playing.


For example, you may be presented with options of minimum bet of $1, maximum of $100; minimum of $5, maximum of $500. You choose the range that is within your comfort zone. In live casinos, there will be an indicator on the table detailing the minimum and maximum bets.


If the sign shows a minimum bet of $10 and we only want to bet $5 or less we will have to find another table or if there are no more dice available, go to any other blackjack table or any other game.


Rule 6: The shooter or trigger


In Internet casinos with online table games, the virtual dice tables are launched automatically, and the results are determined by a random number generator. In live casinos, the shooters take turns and turn this game into one of the centerpieces of the establishment as there is always great action. In any case, the figure of the shooter is key in offline casinos as he is the protagonist.


When the shooter rolls a 7 (loser) after establishing a point, the shooter is told to "come out seven". At that point, the dice rotate to a new shooter. Not all losing rolls bring a new shooter. If the pass loses with a 2, 3 or 12 on the exit, the shooter has not eliminated and continues shooting.


Similarly, not all 7's are seven's. If the shooter makes a point, the sequence begins again with a new exit, and on that exit 7 and 11 again are winners.

More Online Betting games at Fun88

Looking for the most exciting casino games? Besides craps, at Fun88 you can play many exciting casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, lottery and many more. Moreover, when playing Online Betting games at Fun88, you can get many bonuses and promotions.


So, if you want to start playing the best online casino games, you can visit Fun88. On the other hand, you can enjoy the best of betting at Fun88 at the same time you are having fun with the most amazing Online Betting games at Fun88. Visit Fun88 and start winning for the best when betting and gambling at Fun88.

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