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Many people in India love to play Andar Bahar at fun88 since it is one of the best Indian traditional casino games that gamers play for fun and entertainment. Even tough, it is a game of luck, not a skill game, but there are some andar bahar tricks you can use to increase your winning chances at fun88 app. Moreover, you can play Andar Bahar professionally, especially if you are an expert and you know how to win at Fun88 app.


The rules are simple. First, a dealer shuffles a single deck of 52 cards in every Andar Bahar casino game. To do so, there are two sets of boxes on the table: an andar box and a bahar one. Then, the dealer picks a jocker card and places the joker card in the center of the table.


If the Joker card value is more than five, the first card that the dealer draws shall be in the bahar box but if it’s less than 5, the first card the dealer draws will be in the Andar box. The objective of the game is to predict what the win box is: andar or inside/bahar or outside.


The players place the first bet on when the joker lands on Andar or Bahar side as well and the dealer doesn’t call for more bets. Then, the dealer draws face-down cards from the deck in an alternative pattern, one card on bahar side and the following one on Andar side.


However, when the joker lands on bahar side, the bet is paid 25% of its gamble amount, but if the dealer doesn’t draw the joker, the gamers might make a second gamble, which also is to predict if the joker appears andar or bahar side as well.


The dealer closes de second bet and begins drawing the cards in an alternative way (bahar or andar). The dealer draws the cards until the joker shows up. If the joker appears on bahar side, then the 25% of its gamble amount is the wager amount.


Conforming to the rules, the first bet on Andar Bahar card game is paid even money and the game ends when the Joker card appears. The box in which the Joker card appears is the winning box of the game. The player wins the Andar Bahar real money game. Super Bahar Bet is an optional bet. Therefore, according to the rules, if the first card is a Joker card on the Bahar side, then the player wins 11x for the bet. The Bahar bet can be placed for both first bet and second bet.


Winning strategies when playing Andar Bahar at Fun88

  • 1. Lower the house edge: You are able to lower the house edge when you put your first bet on the side where the first card is drawn. It will give you a 51.5% possibility to win, but with a less payout.

  • 2. Use Martingale Strategy: You can use the Martingale Strategy. Here you double your bet with the side you bet from the start. For example, you place a $1 bet on the Andar side, and you double, but you lose $2. Then, you double again and lose $4. After, you lost 3 times, you lose a total of $1 + $2 + $4 = $6. However, you must double your bet again and win $8. Therefore, in total, you make a profit of $2. ($8 win – $6 loss).

  • 3. Small bets payoff in the long run: It is always advisable to place small bets in order to avoid risking a lot all at once. Stay in the game for a long time; you can steadily boost the bet amount as you progress in the Fun88 game.

  • 4. Use side bets: In the Andar Bahar cash game, a player gets four side bets, improving your potential to win. Side bets are one of the best Andar Bahar strategies that can give a 1.9x payout and it works.

  • 5. Bankroll Management: Managing your bankroll is crucial to stay in the game. If you place big bets or if you are losing more than you are winning, then it is better to quit. You must aim to bet on the extra amount you win. It is always good to place a budget aside and stick with it.

  • 6. Choose a good casino: The most important step is to select the right casino. You can make a decision based on the bonuses and promotions they offer, like Fun88 does. According to experts, “a good casino is regulated by a reputed Casino Regulatory Authority and the casino also is compliant. The casino also makes sure it chooses an Andar Bahar game that uses RNG (Random Number Generator) to make the game fair”.

  • Remember that Andar Bahar is a game of luck. However, you might increase your winning possibilities when playing carefully. Use the Andar Bahar strategies at Fun88 and do not forget to control the bankroll, use martingale strategy when needed, and place small bets if you are playing at Fun88 or any other casino.


Martingale betting system to succeed at Fun88


The Martingale system is one of the oldest and, at present, one of the most used betting strategies by gamblers worldwide. The origin of the strategy is still unknown, but it bears the name of Mr. Henry Martingale who was the owner of one of the most famous bookmakers in Great Britain in the 18th century.


The system, which is a negative progression, has become one of the most appreciated, because it is relatively simple as there are no complicated calculations involved. Simplicity is the precise reason that has made thousands of players try it, at one time or another.


The main idea behind the Martingale strategy stems from the theory that there is a low probability of overcoming many consecutive losing bets. Like any other negative progression, the logic of the system is that the player increases his bets when he loses and decreases them when he wins.

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andar bahar


How does the system work?


The Martingale betting system can be used in a variety of casino games like the Fun88 ones but is most used in the game of roulette. It is suitable for games that offer safe money bets. The truth is that there is nothing complicated about the system. It is just a matter of doubling the player's bet in case of losses and putting back a base unit in case of winnings. Players are free to decide the amount of the bet, although it is a good idea to keep it small.


Most players in casinos like Fun88 are looking for a betting system that gives them a chance to beat the house edge. The Martingale system is what players really need, as it is based on the theory that no losing streak can last forever, so players will sooner or later have to win.


Advantages and disadvantages


Perhaps the best advantage of the Martingale betting system is that it can work in the short term. The strategy has also proven that it can even work for a long time if the player does not go on a long losing streak. One of the biggest difficulties with the system and negative progression strategies, as a whole, is the fact that there is absolutely nothing that guarantees that the player will not go on a losing streak that lasts for a long time.


In fact, the chances of winning all bets in succession are always the same as the chances of losing. Moreover, the system may be considered too risky when a comparison is made between the potential winnings and losses.


Grand Martingale


The Grand Martingale variant of the original strategy was created to help players overcome one of their main problems: the fact that in many cases the prizes are too low for the risk involved. It is for this precise reason that the Grand Martingale betting rule is somewhat different from the standard one.


The player must double his bet and add an extra unit instead of just doubling after losing a bet. The principle is simple: when the player finally manages to win, he is supposed to win more than a single base unit.




The Antimartingale system is also known under the name of Reverse Martingale since what this variant does is to turn the original system into the opposite. Thus, instead of doubling the bet after generating a loss, the player is supposed to double after winning.


The main idea of the variant is that players can win huge amounts of money if they go on a winning streak. Intuition plays a key role here, as players need to know when to stop in order not to sacrifice all their winnings due to a single loss. The Antimartingale is considered a safer variant of the original system, but players should still remember that it does not guarantee that they will generate a profit.


Gambling at Fun88


Even you want to play Andar Bahar or another casino game, you can sign up at Fun88. Fun88 offers the best casino games online in India. Moreover, at fun88 login you can be rewarded with many bonuses, promotions and benefits when gambling and Ipl betting. Visit Fun88 and start succeeding at the best Online Betting in India.


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