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Baccarat can be a bit intimidating when playing at Fun88 or any other Online Betting during the first time; however, the rules of Fun88 baccarat are simple as it is a card game with only three possible outcomes per hand. In fact, little or no betting skill is required.

baccarat games at Fun88

First, you must consider that baccarat is a guessing game, so you must bet before the cards are dealt at Fun88.

Calculating points in Fun88 Baccarat is different from most games. A unique rule in Baccarat is that nine is the highest score and the value of a hand cannot be higher. This is how the cards work and how the points are added up:

  • - Picture cards and tens are worth zero points.
  • - Cards numbered 2 to 9 are worth their face value - Ace is worth one point.

Types of bets at Fun88

The three main bets in baccarat at Fun88 casino are Player, Banker and Tie.

Rules for the Banker or Banker's Hand at Fun88:

This bet is considered the best option as it has the lowest house edge compared to the rest of the bets available.

However, it is worth mentioning that since this bet is very favorable for players, as a rule, casinos usually get a 5% commission every time they win. Sometimes, depending on the bookmaker, the commission percentage may vary. Therefore, we recommend that you find out the exact amounts before betting.

In fact, even with the 5% commission, this type of bet still has a very low house edge of 1.06%, which makes it the most recommended option to bet on. Although betting on the 'Player' also offers great odds of winning, in most cases, players are recommended to bet on the 'Banker' as this is the option that offers the highest chances of winning.

Rules for the Player's hand

Betting on the 'Player' comes second when it comes to advantages. This is since the house edge is more favorable compared to the 'Tie' bet, but it is less beneficial compared to the 'Banker' or 'Banker'.

However, this is the reason why there is no commission when you win this bet. By betting on the 'Player', participants are betting that this specific hand will be the winner. If you still have doubts about how to bet, we will delve into the pros and cons of each type of bet later.

Tie rules

Whenever players opt for the 'Tie' bet, they expect both hands, the dealer's and the player's, to have identical value. But, at the same time, the odds of the best-case scenario occurring are against them. It is true that the payoff of betting on the Tie is more beneficial and appealing to any player than the Player and Banker; however, it is recommended that you refrain from choosing it.

The great majority of bettors do not risk choosing it, since with a quick calculation exercise, it is evident that the probabilities of success are very low.

Card dealing and natural combinations at Fun88

Once the bets are placed, a total of four cards are dealt on the table: First, the dealer draws a card and places it in the player's box. The next card is placed in the dealer's box. This is repeated so that each square has two cards.

After that, the points are calculated separately for the dealer and the player. If the total points are equal to or greater than 10, ten points are deducted from the result. The participant's task is to score the number of points as close to nine as possible. If you bet on the player and count on the card closest to nine, the winnings will be double what you bet.

Example: a player received a deuce and a nine. The amount is determined at par and is 2 + 9 = 11. Since 11 is greater than 10, 10 points are subtracted from the result. The final cost of a player's combination is 1 point.

The combination of eight and nine is called natural. If the player receives a natural combination, the hand ends, and the hands are compared.

Player's hand and third card rule

When the player's hand is worth less than 5, a third card is drawn. If the count comes back to exactly 5, the player can stay there or draw a third card.

In the case of the dealer's hand, the dealer only receives one card each time the count is less than 3. The dealer may stand or draw a third card if the count of his hand is exactly 3 against the third card of a player of 9. The same should happen when the dealer's count is 5 and the player has received a 4 in the third card draw.

Determining the winner and payoffs

Of course, the payoff is perhaps one of the most important factors when betting on one hand or another.

You will master Baccarat faster if you understand all the variables and rules before betting. After all, Baccarat is a game of chance, so it is essential to familiarize yourself with the casino odds and payouts.


  • Player bets: You win if the player's hand is closer to 9 than the dealer's hand. And it pays double or evens (1:1). For example, a winning bet by the player of $20 wins $20, bringing the total payout to $40.
  • Banker bets: if you win this bet, you will be paid at par minus 5% of the house commission. For example, if you bet $20 on the banker and win, you will get $19 in winnings. The house commission would be $1.
  • Tie bets: when you make a tie bet, you are basically betting that the dealer's hand and the player's hand will have the same count. A winning tie bet pays 8:1. Therefore, if you bet $20 on a tie and win, you will get $160 in winnings and keep the original $20 bet.

One thing to keep in mind is that all bets placed on the dealer's hand and the player will push if the outcome is a tie, meaning that neither hand loses nor wins. You can decide to leave the bet as is, remove it, change it or reduce/add the chips.

Baccarat variants-Fun88

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In case you didn't know, as the game crossed different countries, it gained ground and thus several variations began to emerge. Therefore, each country was inspired by the details of the game to make its own contribution.

That is why baccarat is probably one of the casino card-games that offers the most variations. Let's take a closer look at Baccarat variations at Fun88 or any other casino and what it offers you in terms of odds and entertainment.

The basic rules of all variations are the same: get a natural nine or eight on the first two cards or draw a third card to get a score closer to a perfect nine. Variations such as Super 6, Punto 2000, Mini Baccarat, European Baccarat, Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer have managed to live up to players' expectations, and all of them have intrepid followers all over the world.

Strategies at Fun88 or any other casino

Combination betting is as exciting as it is rewarding. But like most things in life, nothing is perfect. Therefore, we recommend you weigh its advantages and disadvantages so you can make better betting decisions.

Remember that you can also learn the best 11 tricks and strategies to win at Fun88 casino roulette.

The table of odds to win several bets

Playing Baccarat, a particular hand is bound to win at some point. So perhaps the strategy of doubling down after losing, or the "Martingale system" is for you. This strategy tells you to double down on the next bet if you lost the last one.

For example, if you place a $10 bet on the Banker's hand and he loses, then you should place a $20 bet on the same hand. But it doesn't end there. This theory suggests that you should continue until you win. Then, if the next $20 bet loses, you must double to $40 on the next one, which means it is four times the original bet.

When you win, you take your winnings and go back to the original bet. According to our example, if you win your $40 bet with the dealer, then you should go back to your original bet of $10. The big idea behind the Martingale system is that the bettor will win the largest bet of the cycle. In our case, the player won a total of $80 (including the bet) for a total bet of $70 ($10 + $20 + $40).

Double the bet after winning at Fun88

This strategy, also known as the Paroli system, proposes the opposite of the previous strategy. This method simply states that you should double your bet every time you win until you lose. The main goal of this system is to get 3 wins in a row.

No change of bet

How to bet in Baccarat at Fun88 cautiously? Unlike the previous strategies, with this strategy there is no change of bet and you will simply continue with the same amount over and over again. The advantage is that you won't need to raise your bet, so you no longer run the risk of losing your winnings in one fell swoop.

Some experts may consider that progressive or negative betting strategies can bring you more risk and therefore recommend betting with this method if your style is to be a more cautious player.

With such a strategy, you may not see winnings right away, but you will be able to extend your playing time, minimize the risk of ending your game with a big loss, and generally feel comfortable with the pace of the game.

Tips for Fun88 baccarat players

As we have seen, the strategies to bet Fun88 Baccarat can be very good and, even so, the chance will influence with determination the destiny of your victories. Therefore, we present the following tips for you to better understand how to manage your budget and how to win at baccarat.

Set a win/loss limit

As a rule, betting on Fun88 Baccarat comes with a house edge and losses are more likely to occur in the long run. And sometimes, you can be on a winning streak and give up more than you should. That's why it's important to set a limit to protect your bankroll. With a limit, it will be easier for you to stop when you reach your profit limit and thus be able to lock in your profits. The same concept applies to losses, it is recommended that you delimit up to how much you are willing to lose and comply with that limit.

Choose the right strategy

If you are a bettor with a large budget, the Martingale strategy or system may be the best for you. However, it may not be the best for someone with a budget of $20 on a minimum table of $1. Instead of risking your entire bankroll, you may want to look at other systems, such as D'Alembert's system.

Avoid all-in bets

If you want to win baccarat bets, make your bankroll last as long as possible so that you can make the most of it. So, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Unlike what Hollywood movies portray, putting all your money in one hand is a terrible idea. There's no glamour in losing all your funds at once.

Play at Fun88

If you want to master Baccarat Rules, do not miss Fun88. Fun88 offers the best benefits in case you are into Baccarat. So, visit Fun88 and start playing Baccarat now!

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